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Identifying a niche in the healthcare market within the KZN Midlands, Voigts Property Group embraced the challenge to find the perfect solution to the needs of the area by introducing Hilton Health.

Hilton Health is the commercial component of the Life Hilton Private Hospital. The modern contemporary design of the building reflects a similar aesthetic language to that of the hospital. Both buildings are clearly visible from the N3 highway, therefore requiring a bold and iconic architectural design. The clean lines and simple use of materials stay true to a contemporary look, generating a distinguishable presence in the area.

Why Hilton ? 

Owing to the accessibility from the N3 highway, the position within the Midlands, and the excellence in patient care offered by Life Healthcare Group, the healthcare sector was set to develop naturally in the Hilton area. This has taken the form of a health-related services hub, including doctors’ and practitioners’ rooms, allied healthcare services, and wellness-related amenities. This development is aptly named Hilton Health – Partnering in Healthcare.

Hilton Area 

Hilton is a highly desirable place to live, with many of the country’s best private schools situated nearby, high levels of economic development and investment, a fair climate, professional opportunities, and lifestyle make it a preferred town. This, combined with the recent health sector developments, will encourage a migration of healthcare professionals and business owners, who are looking for a quieter, family-orientated lifestyle. Hilton is fast becoming one of the most exciting commercial and residential development nodes in the province.

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